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How can I use AddHangfireServer without ASP.NET Core?

Trying to move background processing from a web app to a windows service, but I find I’m extremely dependent on all the magic within AddHangfireServer to use my custom resolver and worker queue configuration. Can someone point me to good examples on how to do this? Of course I can read AddHangfireServer but there are lots of code in there that feel like magic/cheating. What is the best way to get this kind of flexibility in a windows service?

If you use a .net core and Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting/.WindowsService you can still reference Hangfire.AspNetCore and use .AddHangfireServer.

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Thanks, @aschenta. Maybe I’m trying to be “too pure”, but I was trying to stay away from using the AspNetCore library to guard against it using IAppBuilder that might not be in use in my Windows service.