Background Jobs, how are they stored?

In the Hangfire dashboard I can see all the Recurrent Jobs that are stored, but I can’t find any information about the background jobs.

Where is the information regarding background jobs stored so they know where to run? How can we know that they actually run?

anyone can help me with this?

Background jobs is scheduled by you, anywhere in your code. So Hangfire has no knowdledge about them. You only can track what jobs were run in …/jobs/enqueued page. Keep in mind after some time historical info is deleted from hangfire.

I suppose if you want to have information about your background jobs you will need to make something your self. For example I store all background jobs in seperate assembly

so if the server goes down for maintenance or something, the background job that was stored 3 days ago and will run in 3 days will be lost?

I didn’t see loss in scheduled jobs after server went down. Jobs are save in sql database and hangfire is constantly talking to it. Therefor jobs should not be lost

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