Hangfire 'Backfills' jobs


We have a hangfire instance that seems to ‘backfill’ jobs when you restart it.

For instance if I have a recurring job every 1 minute, and Hangfire is down for 10 minutes, it queues up 10 of that job before continuing with normal queueing.

Is this intended behaviour and is it possible to stop Hangfire doing this? We simply want it to startup, and start scheduling jobs based on the intervals set. We don’t care whether one has run on a now dead hangfire server 10 minutes ago.



This forum has a stupid editing policy. I wanted to clarify:

This can severely affect performance on our hangfire nodes as many of our jobs are quite hard-hitting on CPU. This is unfortunately as they are mostly third party integrations that we do not control.

Seems this has been around for 3 years: https://github.com/HangfireIO/Hangfire/issues/620