core webapi applicationInitialization recurring jobs

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Hi everyone,

I have an core webapi with hangfire to do some recurring jobs.

I’m struggling on how to run the recurring jobs after the IIS is restarted.

I am on a IIS 8.5

  • IIS Feature App Initialization is installed
  • alwaysRunning (in AppPool) and preloadEnabled (site) are both true
  • I’ve added in the web.config the <system.webServer> part which has an initializationPage="/controller/action" element.

Still when restarting the IIS, I need to manually open a URL from this webapi so everything is up and running.

Does anyone have additional suggestions what am I missing?

I’ve looked up the documentation making-aspnet-app-always-running but this I guess does not work for core webapi because there is no “System.Web.Hosting.IProcessHostPreloadClient” namespace.

Any hints are warmly welcome!


The web application can be initialized by the assistance of dell error code 2000-0147 and you can also get technical assistance as well.