App start after doing a deploy doesn't 'restart' hangfire


I gather this might be a general question as well. I’m running hangfire and we have noticed that when we publish the site that is acting as a container for hangfire, the deploy causes the app to stop running and the app never ‘restarts’. I have logging in the global asax application_start and application_end, as well as the preload class as suggested on the hangfire site. When we publish the site I see logs for the application_end event but nothing for the start event - we publish while the site is running (dont bring it down and then reload the site)

I have followed the steps on the hangfire site and there are a few msdn articles on the newer IIS settings (Im using IIS 10) to keep the app pool always running and the site auto start enabled but my assumption is that these only help when there is either a iis site restart, or app pool recycle or stop/start, or a request comes into the site itself. My scenario is that we are using iis as the container, there are no requests hitting the site and we publish while the app is running…

I was also under the impression that changing files within the IIS directory would cause the app pool to recycle but have now realize this is not the case.

Any help here would be appreciated!!!


we are using mvc 5 app and iis 10.

I have resolved this issue thanks.

I also have this problem, can you tell me how to solve it, thank you very much