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Additional servers are displayed in HangFire

This is related to an issue that we are facing with HangFire and any details in addressing this will be helpful.


We are using Hangfire for scheduling the jobs to be processed, there are few one-time execution jobs and there are few recurring jobs enqueued from the application to achieve few business needs (for example, sending confirmation emails, sending remainders etc). please refer more details below, let us know if any additional details required.

Problem Statement

Any jobs processed by these 2 additional servers (refer screenshot) are succeeded according to the Hangfire dashboard, but the intended business logic written in the job was not executed by the server. So we are losing those business to happen due to this.

How are the servers getting created ?

Basically, the code is written to create 4 servers (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the below list), we are seeing additional 2 servers added automatically.
Can you help us in understanding why the additional 2 servers are created? How to avoid them?

Technical Information

Web App running in .Net Core Version