Add new Dashboard page and use Angular for building its layout and interaction with back-end

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I am interested in Dashboard functionality extension. Something similar to the existing extension, RecurringJobAdmin. It is based on Vue and adding new pages, inherited from RazorPage. What I need instead is only back-end part, plugged in as a middleware (as it is done in the given extension), BUT as to front-end - I need to build layout in Angular (not Razor), since we already use Angular front-end web application where we are adding Dashboard. I am not sure how to implement this approach… Please suggest.

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Just want to inform I’ve thrown away Vue and have Razor only. I can see there is a lot of work yet to do! What I’d like to know now - how to inject functionality into existing page, i.e. Recurring page? There is no sense to create another page with similar functionality. But though I’d like to have ‘Edit’ button on Recurring page.