Why is the latency for SQL 10 seconds?

Is there anyway to use SqlDependency to trigger the queue to process?


Sorry if this is patently impossible, HangFire is already doing pure magic, and I can’t say I really understand how it works behind the scenes.

As long as it takes 10 seconds to process a request, an API would have to offer 2 ways to call, something that blocks and returns after 0 to 10 seconds of work and doesn’t use a queue and something that doesn’t block, but the work isn’t going to be done for about 10 seconds.

Maybe there is a way to put something on the queue and then call the job processor to start working immediately?

Reducing the heartbeat (or what ever is driving the 10 second latency) to a smaller value seems like a waste of electricity (if say the job queue was checked every 250ms)

Matthew Martin