Why is my second server not processing any jobs?

I have two servers the pull jobs from one queue. Each server has 20 workers, under normal load less than 20 jobs are being processed at once. All those jobs are being processed by Server1, it appears that Server2 is only processing jobs when Server1 runs out of workers. I’d like to balance the jobs across the servers, is there a way to do this?

How did you get these numbers? Processing Jobs page may show lower numbers for fast jobs just because it is updated each 2 seconds.

Got the numbers by reviewing processed jobs to see which server was processing them. All the jobs were being processed on one server.

I’ve resolved my problem for the time being by using your code examples for dynamically choosing which queue to use. So at the job level I’m splitting between queues, each of which is monitored and processed by a different server. This appears to be working.

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