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Which NuGet package is the better choice for SQLite storage?

I’m looking into adding Sqlite support to our ‘supported storage choices’ for Hangfire and I’m seeing there are 2 packages out there but none are ‘official’ from Hangfire itself.

I’m curious which one is recommended based on the latest versions of each? I see one citing that it was created in response to another version that was sort of abandoned but it’s not citing the other that I see as being semi-current.

In my curent usage, it’s for local development & isolation only so the caveat on one of them being ‘not for production use’ isn’t a deal breaker but all the same I’d rather take on the dependency for a package that doesn’t start off with caveats like that.

NuGet Gallery | Hangfire.SQLite 1.4.2


NuGet Gallery | Hangfire.Storage.SQLite 0.3.1