What is a good setting for Processes per CPU

My apologies but up to about a week ago, I’d never heard of Hangfire; however, apparently one of the applications we use makes use of it to handle background processes. In investigating an issue we had recently with a server more or less grinding to a halt I was told by the product vendor that we part of what we experienced was caused by a Web Hangfire Issue. He went on to tell me that on the version that we have the background concurrent processes were limited to 10 per CPU. He advises applying a patch they have that would allow us to be able to configure this and suggested bumping this number up to 1000 from 10.

At the time of our server issue, the web server had 2 CPUs maxed out, and the application server was at 97%. Given the 10 concurrent process per CPU that would have given us a max of 20. At that point we had increased the CPUs to 3 dropping both the web and the app servers to 70% aprox. and apparently increasing the concurrent processes to 30. Our stats show that during this period we had 900 connections to the web server and 180 logged in users.

The vendor’s advice is to kick this up to 1000 per CPU giving us 3000 concurrent processes.

As I am aware that there is always a give and take to this sort of thing. I’m guessing here, but it would seem to me that the more we increase the concurrent processes per CPU the more impact there would be on the database and application servers. Is there someone with some experience in this that could advise on what a good balance would be

Thanks in advance