Web site loading hang

on one of my client servers asp.net page loading getting hanged. when I delete hang fire SQL tables its starting to work . next day again same situation I have to delete hang fire SQL tables to login.
and because of that deletion I cant use hangfire also

Anyone any help ? my app getting hanged when its loads.

Hi, @jinath, can you provide more information about this issue, including logs and the source of the method that hangs (with hanging line)?

hi @odinserj
there is no error logs generating on windows log nor its hanging on a particular line.

as I said

in my app initially my login page opens (no connections to DB needed in the load) then I put my user name and pwd

then its try to connect to the DB server which is not on the IIS server

at that time application hangs again and againthis happens.

then I deleted the hagfire tables that was created by it on our SQL DB

after that I was able to login

again after sometime hagfire generates these tables then again this hang happens.

thanks for your support