Using Guid instead of Int as a Primary Key in BackgroundJob.Schedule

Hello there. I am new to this forum. I would like to pose a questiong regarding using Guid instead of Int.

To begin with, I am making a core project where users can schedule notifications. This notifications can either be scheduled using BackgroundJob.Schedule or ReccuringJobManager.AddOrUpdate methods. So here I encountered a problem: .Schedule return type is Int, but in .AddOrUpdate I obviously need to pass Guid to be sure that It will be unique. ( my whole project is using Guid ).
All that things is because I have a classes that represent currently active background tasks and the actual task have all information what to do including List and List to plan it multiple times.

  1. ScheduledJob ( ExecuteUtc: DateTime, Id: Guid ).
  2. ReccurringJob ( CronExpressionUtc: stirng, Id: Guid ).

Along with that, I need to pass to a PlanTransmissionRequested object an Id of a plan, so scheduled plan will be deleted from my SQLite database as soon as it executes.

I need somehow to make .Schedule return Guid. I was trying to figure it out for the last 3 days and nothing comes up to my mind. I browsed whole internet including ChatGPT.

For now I am using SQLite as a job storage for Hangfire jobs, but then I will be using postgres ( in Docker )