Track custom progress

Is it possible to have custom progress for my job?
For example, I wanted to let notify user in progress bar, on job progress 10%, 20% … Record #1 is being processed … 100%?
Once completed, would like to notify user 10K recorded processed … and etc
I read from discussion, some enhancements are done as mentioned here But I am not sure how to use it, what should I do in my class?

There’s a page on the doc here : Tracking the progress but it seems there’s nothing specific to hangfire : just store a status on a database during your job execution, and use a pull or push system to show the current status.

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Do you mean, I just have my own table / storage for status update, and use signalR to notify client for status update?

Yes, that’s what I mean, like in the Hangfire.Highlighter sample project.

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Is there any provision to show the progress bar in Hangfire UI for each running task, Tracking the Progress didn’t help me.

You can use Hangfire.Console extension to track job progress in Hangfire’s Dashboard.