Thread Was Being Aborted


I’m super new to hangfire and i just implemented a background Process
What it does is download some files and upload it to FTP locations( given ).
upload File size = ~200mb to 1gb

BackgroundJob.Enqueue(x => x.DownloadFileAsync(itemID, JobCancellationToken.Null));

when i run the application, sometimes it gives me an error “Thread was being aborted”

I searched and found “JobCancellationToken” and “InvisibilityTimeout” is do the need full…

I wanna know :

  1. How to apply “JobCancellationToken” and “InvisibilityTimeout” correctly… can i just put “JobCancellationToken” to code or is there any other way?

  2. How to increase “InvisibilityTimeout”?

Thanks a lot!
(Thank for this awesome product as well)