Tag jobs / group jobs

To process a large Excel file I’m launching a job for each row.

Is it possible to tag these jobs? (belonging to the same file)
Would like to obtain the jobs belonging to the batch Id instead of having to query by individual jobId.

Any ideas?


Batches are not supported as for now, but this feature is planned to be implemented in Hangfire Pro. What operations do you want to perform after querying, maybe to show status or something else?

I agree, I think this will be really useful. Also to get the all the jobs status based on these grouping is going to very useful.

Hi! Any news on this topic?
We have a multi-tenant system where this feature would also be highly appreciated.
For example, we’d like to know (for each tenant) the number of failed jobs, etc.

So basically it would be great to have some sort of tagging support over the whole IJobMonitoringApi.

Thanks for this great product!