Support for Single Instance, Continuous Tasks?

What does Hangfire offer for single instance, continuous tasks? I have a system that has several jobs that need to always run, and can only have one instance running across all servers. The job executes with an indefinite length, until a change in configuration is required.

My exact case is connecting to a server that streams data to us over a TCP we open to them. I can only have one TCP connection open at any time. So when the process starts up, it connects, sends the config parameters and just receives data “forever”. Until someone adds a new record, at which point I close the connection, and reconnect with new parameters.

Right now I have a hacky system that starts a new thread if the web.config indicates this instance is the chosen one, and a bunch of invasive code to detect changes and restart. It’s basically a while(true) loop.

Can Hangfire make this simpler? For the continuous part, I guess I can just have a job with unlimited retries, no expiration, then just fail/abort every time I need to restart. But, that’s a bit ugly eh? What about notifying the server that’s running that job, what facilities exist for that?


I have plans to open the infrastructural classes Hangfire uses for executing long-running processes, but they are internal so far. For now, you can use ServerSupervisor, IServerComponent and AutomaticRetryComponentWrapper source code to achieve it. Please see the Worker class for an example.

Any update if this happens to be already available?

Would love to launch some long running tasks with hangfire :slight_smile:

I’d like to see continuous job support too. I currently have continuous Azure Webjobs running and also Hangfire jobs. Consolidating for management would be nice.