Suggestion Required for Implementing Hangfire

Hi experts,

I have a scenario where I have to impletement hangfire separately as a Server App, whereas I have a client App (X1) on another side which has been developed with custom framework (X).
I need to execute bulk insertion into SQL DB. Please suggest what will be the best practice from the followings:

1- Implement bulk insertion in Hangfire Server App
2- Implement bulk insertion in client App (X1) and schedule job from client App. Server App will send the Rest request to client App and bulk insertion will be executed on client side.
3- Implement bulk insertion in separtely developed client App (X2) other than the main Client App (X1) and execute bulk insertion there.

Please suggest what will be the best among them or there could be any other best approach. The major concern is to execute bulk insertion without disturbing the main stream tasks e.g. Client App (X1) other processes should not be disturbed.