Sudden spike in the number of db connections after Hangfire Server starts

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I have seperated my logic to Hangfire client which will add jobs to databases, Hangfire server which will pick and execute the job (through hangfire’s internal polling).

When I just started Hangfire client in environment, I could see 2-3 postgresql connections established. But when I started Hangfire server with WorkerCount as 3, the connections immediately raised to nearly 40. All those connections are idle.

I have enabled pooling anyways but what is causing server to create so many connections very immediately as it starts. Are we missing anything or is this expected?
Workercount with 1 also created 32 connections approx.

“Hangfire” Version=“1.7.12”
“Hangfire.PostgreSql” Version=“1.7.1”
“Hangfire.AspNetCore” Version=“1.7.12”
“Npgsql.EntityFrameworkCore.PostgreSQL” Version=“3.1.4”

Please suggest…