Stats for jobs relative to a Batch

Greetings i would like to know if it is possible to retrieve via code, in depth details for a specific batch.
In particular i need the jobs and possibly the sub-batches (even just the ids would be fine) relative to a batch.
I tried the code below, and manage to get some generic stats relative to a single batch so i was wondering if there was a similar approach to get the more details for a specific batch.

        private BatchStats GetBatchStats(string batchId)
            var BatchStats = new BatchStats() { };
            using (var connection = JobStorage.Current.GetConnection())
                var storageConnection = connection as JobStorageConnection;

                BatchStats.Created = storageConnection.GetSetCount($"batch:{batchId}:created") + storageConnection.GetSetCount($"batch:{batchId}:created:batches");
                BatchStats.Pending = storageConnection.GetSetCount($"batch:{batchId}:pending") + storageConnection.GetSetCount($"batch:{batchId}:pending:batches");
                BatchStats.Processing = storageConnection.GetSetCount($"batch:{batchId}:processing") + storageConnection.GetSetCount($"batch:{batchId}:processing:batches");
                BatchStats.Succeeded = storageConnection.GetSetCount($"batch:{batchId}:succeeded") + storageConnection.GetSetCount($"batch:{batchId}:succeeded:batches");
                BatchStats.Finished = storageConnection.GetSetCount($"batch:{batchId}:finished") + storageConnection.GetSetCount($"batch:{batchId}:finished:batches");

            return BatchStats;