Servers not registering

I have 10 identical servers and the exact same service is deployed to all 10 servers but only the first 4 servers register with the application. Each server has 4 processors so 20 workers are registered for each server.

I am using SQL Server storage on SQL Server 2014 Enterprise.

Is there a maximum number of servers allowed?
Is there a maximum number of workers allowed?

I couldn’t find any mention of limits in the documentation so any help would be appreciated.

So I fixed my issue but I don’t know the full reason of why it fixed it.

I had to make my services account an admin on the server. Before I did that, the service would successfully start but would die in the OnStart method. This only started being a problems after upgrading to 1.6.5 so maybe something in there needed higher access that previously. We also may have changed some of our code so I’m not totally sure.