Server Heartbeat from client with wrong time

Hi to all,
I have write a client-server system using Hangfire to execute on server long jobs to avoid heavy load on clients. All is good, client & server works without problems.
But some time I need to stop/restart the server.
To avoid clients stuck waiting the job processing I need to check the server availability before to en queue the jobs.

I used the following code:
var dateTimeExpire = DateTime.UtcNow.AddMinutes(-1); var servers = JobStorage.Current.GetMonitoringApi().Servers(); if (servers.All(x => x.Heartbeat.HasValue && x.Heartbeat < dateTimeExpire)) { ///Here the message with server stop alert }

And here is my problem! the dateTimeExpire variables takes the local client datetime not the server datetime. In some cases the client has the wrong time and return the message “Server is stopped” when is not real!

How I can get the current server datetime using the Hangfire system?
Exist some feature like Server.IsAlive?