Separate container for hangfire

I am using Hangfire and Autofac in a aspnetcore project. So far so good. I have some CorrelationContext class that stores a guid (correlationid). I have created a ICorrelationContextAccessor interface that has a property used to access CorrelationContext.
I have two ICorrelationContextAccessor implementations:

  • HttpContextCorrelationContextAccessor gets the CorrelationContext from the http requestcontext (if in a webapi request)
  • JobContextCorrelationContextAccessor one gets it from a job’s context which is an instanceperlifetime object

My idea was that I could use two containers, one for jobs and one for http requests and register these two accessors as singleinstance in one of them.

var builder = new Autofac.ContainerBuilder();
ApplicationContainer = builder.Build();

var builderForJob = new Autofac.ContainerBuilder();
var JobContainer = builderForJob.Build();

When running jobs though, I see that my ICorrelationContextAccessor is of type HttpContextCorrelationAccessor. Why is this? How would I use a different approach to get my CorrelationContext in a job and a httprequest?