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Schedule on a specific server


I am using Hangfire version 1.7.30.
I have two servers: “FRONTEND Server” and “BACKEND Server”, I have set the options of each server to only process the queue ith the same name with this:

var options = new BackgroundJobServerOptions
    Queues = new[] { HangfireQueue.BACKEND },
    ServerName = "BACKEND"

So in the dashboard I see the two servers and I see that the queue is well assigned.

Now I need to schedule a task but I need to be sure that the BACKEND server will handle it (resource access issue).
So, I enqueue like this:

                    x => x.Label_Unpublish_After(label.DocumentGUID),

And my method is

public void Label_Unpublish_After(Guid documentGUID)
    // do something here

When I take a look at the server I see that the tasks is scheduled on both servers and of course the wrong server take my task.
How could I do to avoid it?


Hi Benjamin,

Is your qeues name “HangfireQueue.BACKEND” in lowercase?

The documentation says:
“Queue name argument formatting
The Queue name argument must consist of lowercase letters, digits, underscore, and dash (since 1.7.6) characters only.”

Configuring Job Queues — Hangfire Documentation.