Running Different Tasks on Different Computers

Our environment has a total between 100 - 150 tasks running between different computers. For example:

  • node A might run Task 1, 2, 5, 7
  • node B might run Task 1, 30, 35, 96
  • node C might run Task 95, 96, 100
  • node D might run Task 1, 3, 6
    and so on…

Basically there are many tasks running on different computers, with some repetition of tasks across computers.

So far, from what I understand, any computer connected to the Hangfire server will attempt to run ALL of the tasks on the HF server, not just specific ones.

How can I have just a few tasks from the HF server run one one computer, and a few run on the other, without each computer running EVERY SINGLE task from HF?

The easiest way is to configure different queues for each server, so they would only execute jobs from their own queue.