Run SQL Server Agent jobs from Hangfire

I have about 60 jobs in my SQL Server instance that I would like to give my users the possibility to run them directly through a web interface.
Is this possible using this framework?
Thanks in advance

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To run job manually you can use sp_start_job

Can you run sp_start_job directly from Hangfire?
I believe you would have to wrap this inside c# method and add the c# method to the queue.

I would love it if it would be possible to schedule external jobs in Hangfire that do not need c# encapsulation such as command line scripts.

I already have a web application (made by a former colleague) which allows us to launch them but it’s old and I’d like to renew it. I thought that in some way it was possible using Hangfire to attach directly to the msdb database and fetch SQL job and add them to the queue giving each user different permissions