Run schedule job every N days

Hello everyone,
I need to find out if there is a solution with Hangfire to schedule a job every N days and every N hours and N minutes.
The client (frontend) has three input boxes (days, hours and minutes) and a datepicker (datetime). Someone among my colleagues suggested as a solution to schedule several jobs and add the values of the three input boxes to the start date via TimeStamp. and then start the second scheduling job.
The technologies I am using are .Net Core 6 Web Api, Hangfire 1.8.12 and Sqlite.

Can you help me understand what is the possible solution?

Thank you

There seems to be an API for a reoccurring job manager

Likely config the job manager for DI then send it off

var cronExpression = Cron.MinuteInterval((int)interval.TotalMinutes);

        _recurringJobManager.AddOrUpdate("my-recurring-job", () => ExecuteJob(), cronExpression, TimeZoneInfo.Local, input.StartDate);

Thank you for your help.

But most probably I have explained myself wrongly.
I have to add a CronExpression that includes N days, hours and minutes.
This means that I have to run the scheduler every N days and hours and minutes, and I do not mean the specific day of the month or the specific day of the week.

CronExpression does not support every N days but only a specific day of the week or a specific day of the month.

I hope I have explained myself better.

Thank you.

Have you looked at the background methods documentation

It seems like one of these should fit your specifics.

something like

 var jobScheduler = new JobScheduler(days: N, hours: X, minutes: Y);

 public void YourJobMethod()
        // Your job logic
        Console.WriteLine("Job executed at: " + DateTime.Now);

        // Your specific delay
        TimeSpan delay = new TimeSpan(days: _days, hours: _hours, minutes: _minutes, seconds: 0);

        // Schedule the job to run again in N days, X hours, and Y minutes
        BackgroundJob.Schedule(() => YourJobMethod(), delay);

     // Initially schedule the job
    public void StartInitialJob()
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