Resource Constrained Scheduling


I want to throw out a few ideas and get a sense of whether or not hangfire can accommodate what I’m attempting. For the purposes of this when I say “Schedule” I mean not to defer to a point in time, but in the cluster scheduling sense of “There is work that would like to be done now, can we slot it in?”. So I have:

  • Log work to be done now or after a certain time
  • Schedule available work for execution by workers based on constraints

As an example, imagine I have 5 database servers with 100 databases per server. 50 of those databases spread across the servers have jobs logged to perform some type of maintenance(upgrades, backups, etc). However, I would like to restrict the number of scheduled(executing) jobs to N-per database server.

Is this sort of scheduling currently feasible with hangfire?


Hi @ProTip, did you find the solution for resource constrained?