Reschedule already planned jobs

I’m in the process of deploying an application that uses Hangfire’s solutions in 1.7.24 version with the MySQL database.
I am struggling with one problem. The application automatically schedules actions and adds these calls as BackgroundJob in hangfire. The problem is that these jobs cannot run on user-defined holidays or weekends. This means that if a job that is to be processed on a weekend or holiday should be moved to the next possible date.
I tried to deserialize the data available in the table “hangfire.hangfirestate” for the corresponding scheduled job, I changed the value of the “Data” column for “EnqueueAt”.
The Hangfire dashboard correctly shows in this case that the job is to be performed on the date and time I changed manually, but unfortunately for some reason the Hangfire server does not take these changes and procced the job execution on this initial date.

Is it possible to move an already scheduled job, or is the only solution (which I don’t quite like and want to do) to delete the current scheduled job and add a new one with the updated date?