Recurring taks are not running

In my recurring tasks overview I see:
ID CRON JOB Next Execution Last Execution
MailSender.SendTestMail Every hour MailSender.SendTestMail 9 hours ago 10 hours ago

24 hours ago i added this task, (added it from my startup class (initializeJobs own class). I started the application and seeing this task.

Now when I trigger it my self it is going to processing and then goging to done. But I want it to recrurring every hour as i said.

What can I do? Can it be something that IIS is going to sleep when there are no visitors for a hour or something there, think I must look somewhere there? Just changed some settings there, I let you know or it has worked!

Is your ASP.NET application was running during that time? You can know the source of application pool recycling events by enabling options described here and ensure that your application is always running written here.