Recurring jobs started outside of schedule?

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Have a recurring job defined with a cron schedule, yet I have been seeing jobs in the “succeeded” area that obviously started outside of the schedule. Hwy would that be? The server had not restarted and nobody kicked off a job manually.

Also, as mentioned in another thread, the count of jobs displayed doesn’t reflect the number on the menu item for “succeeded”.

The job schedule is 15 1,4,13,16,19 * * *
Given that as of this writing, the current time is 8:08am, the “succeeded” jobs list shows that one started 5 hours ago which would have been at 3am and one again 3 hours ago which would have been around 5am. The schedule states 15 after the hours 1,4, 13, 16 and 19
What gives?


Close this as resolved. I didn’t notice that the time field is labeled “succeeded” which implies the time value is relative to when the job FINISHED, not when it started.