Reconnection to Redis after extended connectivity outage?

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Hi! I have had a couple of network interruptions where a couple of the Hangfire servers in the pool lose contact with the Redis server. In these cases, I’d like those servers to reconnect once connectivity is re-established, but it seems like they give up after a while. As it stands, when the connection is restored, the servers disappear from the Servers list in the HF console and never attempt to re-register themselves. One of the last log entries from these servers before they stop trying is:
“ServiceStack.Redis.RedisException: could not connect to redis Instance at sever:port”
Also these message appear:
“Error occurred during execution of ‘ServerWatchdog’ process. Execution will be retried (attempt 3 of 2147483647)”
… but the retries seem to stop after a while (We stop well short of 2147483647 :smiley:)

Admittedly, I’m not on the latest version… I’m on 1.5.3 (which now that I look, is older than I realized! :roll_eyes:)… will new versions fix this, or is there a band-aid I can use until we can upgrade?

Is there an easy way for me to make sure these servers never stop trying to reconnect to Redis?
Thanks for any advice!!