RabbitMQ Not Shutting Down

I’m trying to use the Hangfire.SqlServer.RabbitMQ plugin on my client console application. When I stop the application, it does not exit. When I pause the threads to see what is going on, I see an entry for

Worker Thread	AMQP Heartbeat Outbound for Connection amqp-0-9://...:5672 System.Threading.WaitHandle.InternalWaitOne()	Normal

Here is my Main:

static void Main(string[] args)
  var storage = new SqlServerStorage(@"<connection info>");
  storage.UseRabbitMq(rabbit =>
    rabbit.HostName = "<my sever>";
    /* ... */

  JobStorage.Current = storage;

  var threads = new[] { FirstWorkerThread, OtherWorkerThread };
  threads.ForEach(x => x.Start());

  Console.WriteLine("Press <enter> to quit.");
  Console.WriteLine("Stopping the listeners...");

  threads.ForEach(x => x.Join());


In the absence of UseRabbitMq, everything is fine. What am I missing?