Queue - Customize the Job Queuese

My plan is to have multiple server agents accepting jobs. The issue that I am facing is that I want certain agents to pick up certain jobs based on the criteria. The app will scan directories in 3 major regions: US, Europe and Asia. Obviously I dont want a US server scanning an Asia server

A simple and easy way is just create 3 queues for each region. And Only the have those queues open in those regions

Is there a way to send them to a queue programically in the Backround.Enqueue method

var queueName = "MyHangfireRegionQueue"
var jobState = new EnqueuedState(queueName);
hangFireClient.Create<MyBackgroundJob>(j => j.DoWork(), jobState);

thank you. I will give that a try tomorrow

Jonah. thanks for the response. That did the trick