Processing on a job started 2 time with different worker IDs

I have a job that sometimes processes 2 times. I don’t think it’s a retry because I have disabled retry using the attribute and the dashboard does not show the normal retry 1 or 10 message.

The sequence of messages from the job details to the is

  • State: Failed with specific details about the file in use error
  • Processing: Server: usdbdev15:4248 Worker: 7a030df3
  • Processing: Server: usdbdev15:11792 Worker: 62b3c7d8
  • Enqueued: Queue: DEFAULT
  • Created

I notice that the server port number and work id are different in the 2 processing output messages.

Given these symptoms can anyone provide me with some troubleshooting steps to fix this?

I only want the job to process one time.



I found the answer to my own question in this case. The app pool was recycling and caused the job to start processing a second time under the new hangfire server that started up in the new app pool instance.

The solution will be simply to better manage the app pool recycling configuration.