Play, pause, resume and stop functionality

I want to add Play, Pause, Resume and Cancel functionality using hangfire library.

I had maintained one static list which has following columns
parentJobID, ParentJobProgressStatus = false(default), childJobId, childJobProgressStatus = false (default)

For Play functionality:-

1). I will enqueue the job and will get primaryJobId
2). Then I will call BackgroundJob.ContinueWith(primaryJobId, ()=> RemovedSuccessJobs(primaryJobId));
so that whenever primaryJobId gets completed successfully, primaryJobId will be removed from the shared list.
3). Then i will create an item with primaryJobID, primaryJobStatus = false, childJobID, childJobStatus = false and add it into list.

4). Called Thread.Sleep(3000):- just increase the program processing time.

For Cancel & Pause:-

I am removing all the jobs by using static list’s primaryJobID’s and childJobID’s.

For Resume:-
i will again follow at the step which i did for enqueuing jobs.

Now, my questions are

1). I am not able to use, since it show HttpContext == null inside background process. Can anyone give me suggestions why this happens and what is the solution for it.?

Please see attached file for reference.

Hey were you able to make it with the code you specified above?