Option to hide the "Back to site" link

Since we are showing the dashboard in a multi-tabbed SPA, the “Back to site” link doesn’t make sense. The user can simply close the tab or navigate to a different one. Therefore, I would like to add the option to hide it.

Let me know if I should issue a pull request for this. My idea would be to add a boolean HideBackToSiteLink property to the DashboardOptions. Or let me know if you wish for a different API/naming.

Another possibility would be to use the existing AppPath property and “make it nullable”. If it’s null, the “Back to site” link is not shown. That would make this feature less discoverable, but would prevent misconfigurations such as having an AppPatch set but HideBackToSiteLink true. In that case, I would even suggest to rename AppPath to BackToSitePath or something similar which would make it really clear where this value is being used.

All of this under the assumption that AppPath is only being used for the “Back to site” link (which currently seems to be the case).

It does make sense. We can just update the docs to point this out. I’ll be happy to accept the PR!

Done. Feel free to close this discussion.

Thank you! Will :ship: this with 1.5