One Dashboard and multiple servers running same subset of jobs

Hi guys,

We have a subset of jobs that run in each server our application is deployed. It does some checks, maintenance and so forth. But we would like to have only one manager where it is possible to check what’s going on in each server.

This is my scenario:

  • Dashboard in a console application using OWIN
  • Server in another console application
  • Class library to share interfaces between both projects
  • Sharing SQL DB

To achieve this architecture using the following features on HF in my example that I will upload in github:

  • When it starts, receive a server name
  • Create a queue based on server name
  • Set the job id with server name as a prefix
  • Enqueue using this server name

This is the result:

I have few questions about it.

  • What do you think about it?
  • Do you see any problems or improvements?
  • Is there another option?

And I think I am missing something or there is a bug when one of the servers stops. In this scenario I stopped the server2, but the recurring job from this server still be enqueued.

Since the server is down, what is going on? The dashboard has any sort of control over it? Or could it be server1 trying to get server2 role? Maybe a bug?

Thanks in advance.

Hey guys,

Could anyone help on this?