Not able to setup always encryption with hangfire

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I setup my always encryption for my aspnetcore api project where I am using Microsoft.Data.SqlClient package , I upgraded Hangfire.SqlServer package to latest v1.7.11 which support Microsoft.Data.SqlClient insted of System.Data.SqlClient but its not working its taking System.Data.SqlClient to connect with DB.

Can you please help me how can i setup Hangfire.SqlServer package to work with Microsoft.Data.SqlClient insted of System.Data.SqlClient.

Below errors i am getting with System.Data.SqlClient,


I am triying to setup always encryption with hangfire but i am getting below error,

I tried below scenario,
Where i always encryption with aspnetcore project if i disable hangfire it’s working perfectly, if i enable hangfire throw error. I found issue is that hangfire.SqlServer package is using System.Data.SqlClient which not support column encryption. I tried with Microsoft.Data.SqlClient package which support column encyption i tried the latest version of hangfire.SqlServer package but i am not able to resolve it.

Can you please help me to resolve this issue or any other way to setup always encryption with hangfire?