Next execution 7 hours ago?

This sounds like the problem reported here:

Can you check your Set table for orphaned rows?

There’s only one row


Then it may not be related, my suggestion would be to profile the db and look for the following query:
SELECT top 1 Value FROM HangFire.[Set] WHERE [Key] = @key AND Score BETWEEN @from AND @to ORDER BY Score
Which should return your job when it is time to schedule it. If that query isn’t present or if it is but it isn’t returning your job there is something else wrong.

I have seen the same issue. The explanation was that while my server was switched off the expiry date for the jobs relating to the recurring sets had passed.
Jobs are set to expire after two days.
As a result those sets are never executed again. The next execution date is read from the Hash table but the data in it is never updated because there is no job to run.

The reason I experienced this is that my application is in development so is only running stop/start in IIS Express. Its mostly not running especially over the weekend!

Its a pity that we don’t have the option to specify expiry time limit.