Newtonsoft.JSON Self Referencing Loop

I am having a production issue that is crippling our application. I cannot find any documentation about how to configure the JSON that hangfire uses. I can’t even find a complete reference for BackgroundJobServerOptions , does it even exist?

I have found several other people that have come across this issue but the solutions are not real solutions. They all involve changing the serialization attributes of people’s custom code. My code is fine, the objects in question are .NET entity framework models which correctly have self referencing attributes which I want to be serialized in other parts of my application.

I have tried setting the ReferenceLoopHandling option in my WebApiConfig but this does not have any affect on Hangfire. Hangfire must be using some other serialization configuration.

I am not using .netCore. I do not see any JobHelper.SetSerializerSettings() option anywhere.

Is this a dead end for Hangfire? Do we have to pull this app out of production?

And where are you looking for it? If you have Hangfire.Core referenced, it should be in Hangfire.Common namespace.