Never retry enqueue job

I’m making a kind of regression test using hangfire library.

I configure everything to work with AspNet Core 2.0 preview 2, Hangfire.Core, Hangfire.AspNetCore, Hangfire.MongoDB .

The first test was just to enqueue an “fire-and-forget” job and it works perfectly, but during the debug of internal method i stopped debugger (VS2017 preview 2), than i restart the application and i saw that into hangfire dashboard my job is listed in “Processing” with a label “Look like the job was aborted”.

Our regression test was expecting the job to automatically retry but it never happens.
Can you explain better what is supposed to expect if hangfire server shutdown abnormally?

A.F.A.I.K. it should have retied.

Nothing was changed between the two app runs?
Ex: The queue name? as if your server don’t have the queue needed the job will not be enqueued.

I’ve already used hangfire with AspNet Core 2, but, with SQL Server.

I just simply stop application during debugging and restart the debug, nothing has been changed in the middle.
What I noticed is that on “Servers” view, on the second starts was listed two server both with my dev machine name.

Like it create a new server when i restart the application in debug. maybe this is the issue?