Need SQL Server install file to deploy database to hosting provider server

I cannot find the install.sql file anywhere after adding the NuGet package for Hangfire to an empty ASP.Net website.
The documentation says that it is under ‘Tools’ file of installed NuGet package, but I don’t see any such file or folder.

I need the install.sql so I can manually create on the server of my hosting provider.

Please let me know where I can find it?
Also, I am not sure if the automatic database creation by Hangfire will work when deploying to a third-party hosted environment since database creation role is not easily granted in such environments.

I just found the install.sql.
The reason I could not locate this file initially was because the package folder from NuGet was being created under solution file folder and not under the project folder. I was looking at the project folder only in my Visual Studio 2013.
My solution file was under a different folder than the project file folder.

This problem is therefore resolved.