Multiple ASP.Net MVC applications with single Hangfire Server?

I know this subject has been covered, however, I am still fuzzy on how or if this is possible.

I have 2 MVC applications that will be queuing messages of the same type. I have a workflow service project that is referenced by both applications. This service handles the life cycle of messages (basically a state machine) and queuing them. The Workflow service project is just a class library. Since my workflow service is responsible for queuing messages it will need to manage the queues. Problem is, it is just a class library that is instantiated in the MVC controllers when it needs to be used. So, this would not keep the Hangfire server running , correct? Also, we are saving the messages in our own DB for historical purposes and to mange their states. Hangifre will only be used to queue the message to be sent (via an email or some other mechanism). Both applications can manage the messages the same way.

So, what is a good solution for this as we do not need multiple Hangfire DBs or instances. Would we need a separate service that is always running?

Hangfire Server will run only if you called UseServer method or instantiated a BackgroundJobServer class in your application and called its Start method. You are free to decide where to run it. But ensure your application running Hangfire Server have reference to all the assemblies contain background job types and methods.