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Licensing question

The licensing page says $xxx per organization. Is organization meant for the company using Hangfire to develop a solution OR if we are deploying it into our production environment, does organization mean each of our customers who use our solution?

We host a multi-tenant solution in the cloud where all customers hit a single endpoint and we isolate their traffic from other customers. In that scenario, how does the “per organization” license pricing work?

If your software runs on hardware controlled by/located within your organization than that is one or organization (Startup or Business). If you’re developing software that is installed by other organizations on their hardware that is still one organization. However, you would want the royalty free licensing of Enterprise. I would suggest emailing support@hangfire.io to be sure.

We host our solution in an AWS web farm. We have one in the United States and another in E.U.
So, we “control” the solution within the AWS farm.
All our customers connect via a singular URL into that AWS hosted solution and we handle isolating customer data from other customers.

So, that sounds like our United States AWS hosted solution would be one organization and the E.U. would be a second organization.

How do royalties work in that scenario if we only do a Startup or Business subscription?

An organization refers to the your company/the company you work for. Your scenario is still only one organization.

If you were packaging it for your customers to download and install within their IT system, that would need the royalty free license of Enterprise.