Job is stucking in enqueue state

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I have added a job in enqueue and it is stucking there. I am using redis as storage. When I requeue from dashboard it processed the job successfully. Kinldy help in this regard.

I am having the same problem It appears, when resolved from Unity and then sent to a Queue that it ALWAYS defaults to the DEFAULT QUEUE even when marked with another queue. You can see my code at:

After running it appears stuck in the default queue:

I do the same as @abdulbasit (Requeue via dashboard) and it runs:

This is driving me nuts! :slight_smile:

@abdulbasit, never use the following construct, as it even does not make any sense, because of unnecessary creation of the Job class instance.

// Don't do this at home
var job = new Job();
BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => job.Execute());

if you are using instance methods, always use the .Enqueue<T> method overloads:

// This is for instance methods
/// Place [Queue] attribute to the IJob.Execute method
BackgroundJob.Enqueue<IJob>(x => x.Execute("payload"));

// This is for static methods
BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => Program.Main());

Reported to GitHub, please GitHub issues to discuss the bug, and this topic for other discussions.