Issue with Hangfire job execution on Azure SQL Server


I am facing an issue where Hangfire jobs are failing to execute on our Live Azure SQL Server, even after working fine on our Development database. After updating the connection string to point to the Live database ; jobs fail before reaching the SQL search routine. Notably, another job on the same Hangfire server works seamlessly with both databases. I have verified the connection string for correctness and ensured that the credentials have adequate permissions.

I compared the schemas between Development and Live databases and noticed a discrepancy where the server schema changes to “Unspecified Schema Version” on the Live database. I have checked Hangfire and SQL Server logs for error messages, none provide clues to the failure. I need advice on how to troubleshoot this issue further . I have checked react native guide but still need help.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance!

Thank you
nathaniel :slightly_smiling_face: