Is there a way to use PerformContext without coupling hangfire dependencies to my business layer?

Hello, people.

I’m using hangfire to run some background tasks (Recurring jobs) and I’m loading my jobs
through reflection, so that I don’t have any framework dependencies in my code.
Looking at hangfire extensions, I found Hangfire.Console that allows me to log to hangfire dashboard while the job is executing, but I can’t see a way to pass PerformContext to my jobs methods without coupling my code to Hangfire.Server, wich is not very cool, beucase what if I want to change the framework after some time? It will be very difficult.

I tried to create an abstract class wich extends PerformContext thinking that PerformContext would be injected through hierarchy, but it doesn’t work like that.

Is there a work around for this?

This question seems awfully similar to this one

You could just have to create a Logger interface that you pass to your business layer. That way your business layer only knows that there’s an ILogger (regardless of framework)