Is it good to change a job state multiple times, looks like the performance is slower after many changes

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I have a job that is not recurring, I created this job to follow an item in a todo list, and this job is responsible to see if there is any new users that can work in this todo item, and add the new users to the list.
If this TODO item stays open for months, then seems to me that the job gets heavy and slow to change state after too much changes,
the jobs start to retry, get timeout, and even to open them on the job details doesn’t work fine
Is there aything that I can do as a better practice? is there a way to change the state but clean older states if it’s the case?

the code is

Client.ChangeState(context.BackgroundJob.Id, new ScheduledState(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(60)));

I have Hangfire Console on it too.