Is any body using hangfire with postgres in production?

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We have been usinjg hangfire with sql server but now planning to move to postgressql.

Even thought we haven’t that many jobs, my company has been using hangfire in production with postgresql for at least 8 months now. Never had a problem with either recurringJobs or enqueuedJobs.

been trying to. it just keeps failing with some error having to do with trying to upgrade itself and failing.

found this issue which is closed:

which has this comment which may or may not be relevant: Officially supported Postgres versions are 11 , 10 , 9.6 , 9.5 , 9.4 . A lot of people are still using 9.X . For example Google Cloud SQL is using 9.6 .

I’m on 9.6.8 so I don’t know that that means I’m covered or not. Not sure we are willing to upgrade Postgres just for Hangfire, so… blah.